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High Performance Mastermind

We have our next training in February 2022!
This is a training that will be life changing, unlike anything you've ever experienced before.
A few great tools that will be taught

throughout this program:
Time management
Communication Techniques 
Survival mechanisms 
Navigating Triggers
Community Support

Are you tired of attracting the same toxic relationships? Are you tired of quitting one job for another finding the same problems? When will you be ready to create the "10" relationships in your life?


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Donate Towards
The Cause!

We are accepting all donations towards Entheogenic Church Inc, a 508 faith-based organization with a mission of creating a safe space for true healing to unfold and flourish within a thriving community of connection. 

As a faith-based organization, we are able to use our "religious certainty" to facilitate and support our community through shamanic and entheogenic catalysts to support a direct experience of restoring balance in one's spirit. 

Our LLC, Shamanic Ananda, is the lens that addresses the common spiritual crisis/unbalance we see in our community through integrative coaching where individuals have the opportunity to create their optimal life through restoring balance in one's psychological, energetic, and emotional well-being. 

Entheogenic Church Inc is requesting support from the community to continue building this Church center that will grant a retreat space for the soul. Your support will go towards the community directly to cultivate the space for this very profound healing journey through one's labyrinth of self to be possible for many.

We understand that this takes a village to support the community in this way. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or want to learn more please follow us on IG, LinkedIn, FB, Mighty Network (preferred), and share with others who may be interested in supporting this mission. You may contact us directly as well through email or text for quicker responses.
IG: @shamanicananda
LinkedIn: Dillyn Hoffman/Heather Crewe
FB: Shamanic Ananda Group 
Shamanic Ananda & Entheogenic Church Inc
Mighty Network: Entheogenic Church Inc
Phone: Dillyn - 954-774-0017
Heather - 757-342-1845

We will be having videos and a short film coming up soon to give a quick insight into what to expect and what is possible for transformation and creating a new life for you and your loved ones. 

All donations are tax-deductible!