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Shamanic Ananda means the expression of having a natural bliss or to “be bliss.” Shamanic is the quality and type of way we facilitate our healings with yogic influences. Ananda in Sanskrit means “bliss.” Throughout my years of healing my experiences with CPTSD, chronic debilitating depression, and suicidal ideations, it was the combination of shamanism and yoga that have brought these ways of being to create the Be Bliss Liberation Movement. Our vision for the world is to be of service to humanity by being diplomatic, compassionate, and peaceful and teaching how to cultivate health in the body, peace in the spirit, and love in the heart.


Dillyn has been studying shamanism for the last 10 years and is a shamanic practitioner with integrative yogic wisdom and disciplines. Dillyn has the ability to be mindful and ground you into your most favorable path towards attracting more love into your life. He accesses a deep level of integrity, compassion, and collaboration through authentic sharing.

Dillyn has an efficient way of working with and moving energies as he has studied Reiki, Yoga, Tantra, and Breathwork. Rest assured that if any turbulence arises within our container, Dillyn knows exactly how to cater to all your needs and you’ll have his full attention. Dillyn has a rich history of being initiated into the darker side of the spiritual realm, and these experiences have gifted him a level of discernment and humility that supports his ability to bring diplomacy and peace into even the most turbulent and chaotic circumstances.

Dillyn studied at Florida International University, earning a double BA in psychology and interdisciplinary studies, which are his foundation for continuing his education into psychiatry. Dillyn is an advocate of sacred medicines and healing. He believes in sharing words of truth and speaking of the real. With discernment, Dillyn knows how to guide others towards their truth through expressions of impeccable communication, seeing with his heart, and holding others tactfully accountable to encourage and inspire freedom and joy.


Heather is a loving and nurturing intuitive. She strongly believes in having balance, integrity, mindfulness, and humility in all aspects of her life. She is principled, passionate about the growth and healing of all, and altruistic. Heather’s sensitivity enables her to be emotionally honest and insightful with others. As she has experienced many things greater than herself, she focuses on being uplifting and spreading compassion.

Heather values deep authentic relationships and takes great care of others’ inner emotions. She feels fulfilled when creating safe containers that enable others to change their lives. Heather also relishes in the opportunities to learn and transform alongside those she is healing. The softing around Heather’s heart creates a superb space of comfort for others. As she is conscientious to others’ feelings, she’s able to anticipate their needs and safety to dive deep into the places where we refuse to be vulnerable. Heather loves contributing to the overall well-being of humanity on an intimate level, and will be committed to holding you to your highest Self.

Heather graduated Cum Laude from Saint Leo University with a BA in psychology. She is a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master as well. Heather is also a Minister through Universal Life Church. She has a yearning to learn something new every day and to strive for her own constant growth and awareness. Heather has a deep love for animals and believes in being supportive for all living things.

Our Approach


We place a large emphasis on gentleness, reconciliation, and being trauma-informed. It is imperative to not rush your process and throughout working with us, we will continuously be a gentle reminder to these practices. Compassion dissolves whatever it meets and in order for true radiance to shine through one must master self-directed compassion in order to create the movements of peace into one’s routine and rhythm where stagnation and draining energies traverse into a fountain of innocence.

What Does Being Authentic Look Like For You?

If you made it this far, then you are ready for a transformative journey. We create sacred spaces that cultivate a highly personalized experience, one in which you will overcome limiting conversations and energetic blocks so that you can experience breakthrough moments that will take you to your most empowered Self. We meticulously design retreats, workshops, ceremonies, and 1:1 spiritual coaching containers that put your safety and personal needs at the forefront of what we do.

Our Intentions, Aspirations, and Concerns

In this groundbreaking evolution you will be guided throughout your personalized journey so that when you leave the space, you are able to enrich your life after experiencing feelings of openness and connection. Every person carries the innate ability to experience bliss. A powerful mirroring effect we utilize in retreats and workshops allows us to connect to our humanness, witnessing the beauty of being authentically present. This builds a strong community where everyone shares value. Through community, participation and contribution become our medicine. We offer you empowerment, clarity, compassionate self-observation, restorative appreciation, and joyful awareness.

Are You Looking to Attract Love Into Your Life?

Working within our sacred spaces, you will have opportunities to explore if you have tendencies with people-pleasing, if you live by expectations, and if judgments create a tightening around your heart. You will have the possibility of recognizing where you may be living inauthentically, or perhaps in a place of fear. You will be lovingly guided to a place of love and liberation.

Our intention for creating these sacred spaces is to support magical catharsis, cultivate powerful embodiments of compassion, support abundant ways of being, and provide life-changing breakthroughs! We are honored to embark on this inward journey to the nomadic soul with you. We aim to create a place of solace for restoring health in your body, peace in your spirit, and love in your life.

We facilitate growth relating to: business practices/relationships, being present and mindful, connection with Self and others, self-exploration, healthy boundaries, radical acts of self-love, connection with a soul tribe/family, disciplines of will, and cultivating tools/tactics for looking deeply inwards. We are here to fulfil your next-level freedom. For more information, feel free to reach out so we can customize your action plan today!

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