Looking for guided ceremonies from preparation (start) to integration (finish)? Do you know how to shift what’s keeping you small? We would love for you to join us in these explorations of our magnitude and liberate ourselves from limitations.


All retreats span from 2 days to a few months. You will get to experience a complete immersive initiation to bring into your day-to-day living.

High Performance Mastermind

This is a profound journey into creating extraordinary results in health, wealth, and relationships. We go through the pillars of discovery, breakthrough, and embodiment in order to shift from survival to mastery. This is great complimentary work for those who participate in ceremony and are looking for extra tools to integrate the contemplative nature of entheogenic work.

Compassion Key Process

Compassion is a powerful force that has the ability to dissolve whatever it meets. In this practice, you will learn a new tool and unravel karmic imprints that are continuously blocking your soul’s light from shining through. This modality has been the missing piece for us after exploring so many other modalities that couldn’t address some of the blocks we were experiencing.

Reiki Healing / Certifications

Have you tried using universal life force to balance your energetic field? Heather’s intuitive power of channeling this universal life force is a great way to bring calm and harmony into your life. You may even have an opportunity to learn how to get level 1, 2, or masters certified. We are excited to share these amazing tools with you if this is something you want to add to your healing basket.

Yoga / Teacher Trainings

Have you been looking for ways to somatically heal the body? Yoga is this wonderful practice of “yoking” everything into oneness. We will be offering teacher trainings as well as opening up a sadhana school so students can live hands-on with their teacher. We will be offering multiple certifications in 2024.



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Dillyn Hoffman
Shamanic Practitioner
Heather Hoffman
Transformative Practitioner

Shamanic Ananda means the expression of having a natural bliss or to “be bliss.” Shamanic is the quality and type of way we facilitate our healings with yogic influences. Ananda in Sanskrit means “bliss.” Throughout my years of healing my experiences with CPTSD, chronic debilitating depression, and suicidal ideations, it was the combination of shamanism and yoga that have brought these ways of being to create the Be Bliss Liberation Movement. Our vision for the world is to be of service to humanity by being diplomatic, compassionate, and peaceful and teaching how to cultivate health in the body, peace in the spirit, and love in the heart.

Upcoming Events


Here is a quick snapshot of our most popular events which also includes our exclusively curated ‘by appointment only’ events meticulously designed for you!

Compassion Key Process (By Appointment)

25 October, Tuesday - -

Compassion Key Process (By Appointment)

Non-Dual Therapy with 5

25 October, Tuesday - -

Non-Dual Therapy with 5

Recent Blogs


We offer you below an opportunity to explore some of our most intimate thoughts, concepts, beliefs, and wisdoms on how to navigate human “being” through our personal and shared experiences.



Our Special Team


We at SHAMANIC ANANDA provide various services based on the intentions, readiness, and willingness of the clients we serve. We encourage gentleness and tender loving care when honoring your process of embodiment.


Dillyn has been studying shamanism for the last 10 years and is a shamanic practitioner with integrative yogic wisdom and disciplines. Dillyn has the ability to be mindful and ground you into your most favorable path towards attracting more love into your life.


Heather is a loving and nurturing intuitive. She strongly believes in having balance, integrity, mindfulness, and humility in all aspects of her life. She is principled, passionate about the growth and healing of all, and altruistic. Heather’s sensitivity enables her to be emotionally honest and insightful with others.

Introduction to Lord's Sacred Domain

Introduction to Lord's Sacred Domain
  • Introduction to Lord's Sacred Domain

    Introduction to Lord's Sacred Domain
  • Heather Hoffman's Quick Cut

    Heather Hoffman's Quick Cut
  • Kurt Roth's Quick Cut

    Kurt Roth's Quick Cut
  • Heather Morris's Cut

    Heather Morris's Cut

Persistence Beats Resistance, Remain Consistent

We at Entheogenic Church and Shamanic Ananda provide a safe space so you may find your own inner guide within, and those who go within NEVER go without.

Entheogenic means the quality of divinity within. All of your teachings will be perfectly designed for you. We provide a secure space for inner exploration to find one’s purpose for the greater good of all. Purpose therefore has a threefold nature as it knits together our physical health, our ability to love and be loved, and our working life. When we are prospering, then all three of these aspects of our life are in harmony.

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We at SHAMANIC ANANDA provide extraordinary services to create practical new results for our clients. We appreciate your willingness to look within because those who go within never go without.

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