Love, Trust, Surrender

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The Be Bliss Liberation Movement



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Dillyn Hoffman
Shamanic Practitioner

Heather Hoffman

Transformative Practitioner

Shamanic Ananda is about your transformative journey. We create sacred spaces that cultivate a highly personalized experience, one in which you will overcome limiting conversations and energetic blocks to bring you to your most empowered Self. Our intention for creating these sacred spaces is to support magical catharsis, cultivate powerful embodiments of compassion, support abundant ways of being, and provide life-changing breakthroughs! We meticulously design retreats, workshops, masterminds, ceremonies, and 1:1 high-performing coaching containers that put your safety and personal needs at the forefront. We invite you to be a firm stand for yourself and embark on an inward journey to liberation. We aim to create a place of solace for restoring health in your body, peace in your spirit, and love in your life.

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Thank you for everything you brought to the weekend. This opportunity to just be ourselves is what we seek out in life. The simple things that puts a smile on our face and make us feel connected as One with Pachamama that always fills our hearts. The fire ceremony was very special and am grateful for our brother Dillyn and sister Heather that created a healthy and loving space that allowed us to breath our everything into the fire.

Javi Sardiñas


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Dillyn has been my guide and coach for the past year. I have used his services several times and did individual and couple sessions with him. He is very knowledgeable, compassionate, passionate, professional, grounded, patient, calm, peaceful, and trustworthy. He took me on a gentle, deep, and profound guided journeys, held space for me and assisted me in the processing and integration by checking on me and offering his support days and weeks after the sessions. I highly recommend Dillyn!

Farah Zerrari

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I met Dillyn three months ago at a ceremony and we have been like soul brother and sister since that day. I have participated in numerous private and open ceremonies with Dillyn and even learned about my own healing abilities, thanks to him. Not only he is knowledgeable, but he is kind and caring. He follows up after ceremonies to make sure that you are integrating without struggling and feeling overwhelmed. He's a coach, a shaman, a friend for life, a brother and anything you need him to be. His love and compassion is unconditional. He is honest and authentic and anyone wh doesn't have the opportunity to meet Dillyn is missing out on what humanity SHOULD look like. 3 months and i have grown and flourished thanks to your guidance. Imagining the growth in a year and beyond is mind blowing. Thank you Dillyn!

Yenssy Lorenzo

Coral Springs, FL, 33065

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