High Performance Mastermind


Welcome to Shamanic Ananda’s High Performance Mastermind program. We are ecstatic to be your guide for the next 3 months of creating long-lasting results. You will have the opportunity to receive a specific training in order to find balance and harmony in all domains of your life.

What to Expect

High Performance Mastermind (HPM)


In this mastermind you will learn a few simple awareness strategies to enhance your ways of being and quality of life.
These practices taught here are some of the quickest ways to shift mindset, gain clarity, and discover what kind of breakdown is necessary for you to breakthrough to the next level.

What is High Performance Mastermind?

High Performance Masermind (HPM) is an impactful training designed to create powerful shifts in awareness to create what we call a “10” life, or the life of your dreams.
Saying this out loud, you might be thinking that you’ve heard this before and you’ve tried other trainings and still haven’t created the life of your dreams.
Why would this be different? What makes us effective?

Here’s How We Do This:

In this virtual 3-month journey, we have meticulously curated intellectual lectures to work in tandem with experiential exercises that will reveal to you which breakdowns are necessary in order for you to have breakthroughs to master new ways of being that will create the life you desire.

Throughout this mastermind you will be learning new concepts to try on like ‘distinguishing distinctions’ so you may expand your language and enhance/alter your reality of life. You will be guided through a series of interactive discussions, closed-eye processes, dyads, sharing, interactions with the trainers, small group exercises, games, and homework.

We Mentioned Earlier That This Training Is Designed For Breakdowns…

A breakdown occurs (or has occurred) when you are out of alignment with your word, commitment, or declaration; When the path you are on (physically or emotionally) is not leading you to keep your word, fulfill your commitment, or have your declaration manifest. However, and fortunately (YES!!), it is your breakdown that reveals to you your true commitment. Further, the breakdown reveals the level of your commitment. Lastly, the breakdown (as long as there is a commitment) reveals the existence of, and some of the content of, the gap.

The Gap

The gap is the space between where you are and where you are committed to getting. This space is generated by a commitment and revealed by a breakdown. The Gap will be the space between visualizing where you are and visualizing where you want to be regarding anything you want. In the gap are ways of being you need to access and actions you can take to continue toward having your commitments come to fruition. The gap is, therefore, defined by your commitments. Also, you cannot have a breakdown or experience ‘the gap’ without a commitment.

A breakthrough is an often sudden and permanent shift in a person’s awareness which shows up in the thinking, physiology, experience, and essence of the person who has had the breakthrough. Most importantly, new possibilities and achievements are available after a breakthrough. Breakthrough is being on the other side of your fear and limiting beliefs.

This program is focused on 3 main pillars: Results, Team, and Enrollment. You will be coached and guided into distinguishing distinctions (like we did above), to expand one’s awareness while opening up an infinite number of possibilities to experience and create an entire new way of being/living.

Why Me?

  • Are you wondering how you keep attracting certain people in your life?
  • Are you tired of having the same boss with a different name?
  • Or making excuses for why you do not have the life of your dreams?

Whatever the circumstances, these awareness strategies will reveal how to pivot in a direction that supports you and all of your relations. This isn’t a training to “FIX” you, so please do not believe this to be so. This mastermind is a vehicle for you to achieve your greatness and see how it’s always been there waiting for you to see the power that already exists within. It is a vehicle for you to create the life of your dreams, and we do absolutely zero “fixing/saving” here.

A few great tools that will be taught throughout this program:

  • Managing Time
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Executive Leadership
  • Communication Techniques
  • Releasing Codependency
  • Survival Mechanisms
  • Navigating Triggers
  • Community Support
  • Vision Clarity

Context of High Performance Mastermind

  • Source
  • Service
  • Commitment
  • Authenticity
  • Contribution
  • Enrollment
  • Healing

Here’s What Some Have Said
About The Training So Far:


“I cannot stress enough how challenging life was for me before this. The training has truly enabled me to navigate all of my experiences in a much more insightful, just, and graceful way. How I manage my time and priorities has completely flipped and there is so much more I have discovered about myself in this training.

Sharpening my language in this training has deepened my relationship with my family and how I now communicate with myself and perceive the world. I have become much closer with my mother than I have ever been in all my 26 years of life while being the inspiration for her to experience new ways of being in life through me! One of the most important things I have found is healing the relationship I have with myself. I have become a completely new and revitalized woman now. If the reason stopping you from committing to mastering your life is a time or money conversation; then please stop having it and take a chance on yourself! These tools, the support, and the wisdom you will gain is priceless and you will have it for the rest of your life. I am the most grateful I have ever been. If you were looking for a sign towards freedom, then this is it.

Thank you so much Dillyn and Heather.
Thank you High Performance Mastermind!” -Mage Rose

“Before this training I was a hot mess… Lol… It would be much easier to list challenges that i did not have than did have. To start, I had a lot of doubt, lack of love, did not know what accountability is, played victim, lack of money, control issues, trust issues, frustration, and confusion.

High Performance Mastermind training impacted me in such a way I am now able to look at all my baggage and unhealthy ways to create the shifts necessary and to hold myself accountable without playing victim. I am able to choose to make better choices which lead me to creating a healthier and stable life. The shifts I have had also influenced my husband to create shifts. And oh boy how amazing and wonderful it has been. He is now better with communication and open to compromise. Being attentive. He has even opened the door for my son, whom he does not care for due to some poor choices that were made.

If you feel like you are someone who is afraid to take risks, I would suggest to take a look deep inside and ask what are you really afraid of, fear of failure, of rejection? And to use this opportunity to face your fears head on. If you are having a money-conversation, I would recommend to look at what is possible-for instance, what things could be sold that is not being used or wanted any longer, perhaps reaching out to loved ones for support in putting yourself first, or is it possible for work on the side that can get done. If you are not having enough time in your life for things. Allow this training to support managing your time. Do not let your circumstances and history stop you from seeing the possibilities that are available to move things around on your schedule that takes time. This training will show you how to create infinite possibilities and opportunities for yourself.” – Sabrina Cooper

“Before taking the high-performance mastermind class, I was challenged with many things in both my relationships with myself and with others. Self worth & self love were something I struggled with daily. I was preoccupied with outside opinions and living small because of the stories that were programmed in my mind. These stories were preventing me from creating deeper connections with not only the people I love but with people in general, old and new acquaintances.

The exercises and discussions in the class opened my eyes to thought patterns and behaviors that were holding me back from enjoying my best life and from realizing my true goals. None of these breakthroughs were possible without experiencing the breakdowns this class invoked. It was through the breakdowns that I was finally able to see what patterns were not working for me and what needed to transform which in turn lead to profound breakthroughs in my growth.

My relationships have greatly improved as a result of the breakthroughs I experienced and the tools I have learned in the training. My relationship to myself has been the most amazing transformation and has made me a loving and committed person to everyone in my life. The love I have for myself now shows up in the way I love others as well. I am truly grateful for this shift in my mindset.

The challenges of this training were worth every second of discomfort, and the tools I learned in this training help me every day experience joy, abundance, and has resulted in deeper connections with everyone around me. Any doubts or fears that I had initially had about this training were completely laid to rest by the rewards I am seeing unfold as a result of the tools and shifts I gained in this training. Give yourself to up to the third training before deciding to leave, you’ll see why haha…

Personally and professionally, this training has been a huge benefit in my life. I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of this training and tell a friend about it, they will be eternally grateful to you.” – Michele Rhea

“Some challenges I struggled with before the training were time management, self-confidence, codependency, people pleasing, not holding space for myself, scarcity, and victim mindset.
The training helped me break down self-limiting beliefs, gain awareness of the old ways of being that held me back from showing up as my authentic self in the world, and break through victim stories that no longer served me. As a result, I got to understand the power of the choice to live, gained clarity on what I am committed to creating in the world, and got clear on the quality of life that I’m willing to create for myself.
This training has influenced the people around me by helping me learn to receive and give feedback from a neutral ground without taking things personally. It helped me create healthier boundaries that support impactful quality time with myself and others. It supported me to gain the courage to have uncomfortable conversations that were blocking me deepening the relationships that are important to me. And it helped me take accountability for the ways that I was showing up in those relationships.
If you are someone who is a seeker to break free from indoctrination and self-limiting beliefs…
If you are someone who would like to play team, gain community support, and guidance…
If you are someone who is ready to commit to a higher purpose and learn new ways of being that would help you to experience joy and abundance…
Then High Performance Mastermind is perfect for you. And you will see how you are perfect, whole, and complete for this training. If you are someone who is ready to step into your divine power and be a contributor and giver to the world then reach out to reserve your spot already, stop reading testimonials!” – Vianka Baez

“It was an honor working with Heather and Dillyn who I now call soul family. They are rooted from the heart and embody compassion and unconditional love. They made me feel safe and warmly nurtured, providing full support, love and meeting my needs.

I am so grateful for my heart opening experience and for their graceful guidance. They are genuine and caring beings who are here to remind you of your magnitude and your joy.

They helped me anchor through the integration process and I’ve learned so much about myself, feeling worthy and liberated.

Thank you for seeing me, loving me, and for being here doing courageous work reflecting that courage we take when we step into this beautiful container. Forever expressing my gratitude!”

 – AA

The Inside Scoop

The Ridiculous Outrageous Game


All games contain a few key components to them like goals, challenges, and interactions. Games involve both mental and physical stimulation with the intention to support developing practical skills, serving as a form of exercise, or otherwise performing an educational, simulational, psychological, or experiential role. And lastly, all games contain rules. Here are the ground rules for our game we will be playing for the next 3 months.

Private Coaching Call

You will have 1 mandatory private coaching call a week. Preferably every Monday, and this may change based on the individual’s schedule as well as your coach’s schedule. Your coach will be able to support you throughout the journey with mastery of the tools as well as reaching your goals in results, team, and enrollment.

Group Coaching Call

You will have 2 mandatory virtual group coaching calls a week. This is what we consider or call the “training room.” These calls will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm Est and can run to 11pm Est at the latest. This is dependent on the group’s energy and how the flow of the training goes. Otherwise expect at least a 3-hour group call. The group calls are where we deliver the training material so you understand how to utilize these tools and contexts to create extraordinary results in all domains of your life.

All participants MUST have a laptop/desktop for the training AND a cellphone for some of the exercises.

It is important that you have eaten beforehand, take care of all obligations like kids, pets, etc. This training requires full presence in order for you to receive the maximum value and as well as for you to be able to contribute the maximum value. You will hear us say often “you get what you give” and you will have the opportunity to redesign yourself to be most effective in all domains.

Buddy Calls

You will have an accountability buddy so you can support each other for the weeks to come.
You will set up your times per your schedules.
Each call is to be a minimum of 15 mins.
And you will have 2 (at least 15 mins) calls each week.
This is also mandatory and very integrative.

Buddy calls go as follows:
Results, Team, and Enrollment
What’s working, what’s not working, what can be added?
This is referring to ways of being in the Be-Do-Have context.
This is the time to practice the tools with each other, practice coaching one another, and hold each other high so all of your results can manifest.

Entheogenic Church Inc on Mighty Network

We have created a safe environment on Mighty Network to grow our community. This is a virtual community where we can stay connected, share, and utilize the other tools and content for transformation.

Thank you for being a part of the community. Because you are joining the Mastermind, you will have free access to the network and be able to take advantage of the perks. After the training, we encourage our members to donate to the platform monthly or annually so they can continue getting the benefits and we can continue providing value.

Mighty Network will allow you to keep up-to-date with your team, and also see other resources and connect with a larger network outside of your cohort and the High Performance Mastermind context.


All in all, from the private call, group calls, and buddy calls, this adds up to about 8-10 hours of a commitment per week. You will also need additional time every week to write down your Weekly Promises. Finally, there will be a Declaration of Intentions (DOI) to complete in the first 2 weeks, which is subjective based off of each individual. We give ample time to finish the DOI while creating a sense of urgency.

The DOI and Weekly Promises will be your guiding force throughout the program and may take an additional 3-4 hours to complete. Some take longer, some are quicker. It’s subjective on your level of clarity which will also unfold throughout this program. Contact Heather or Dillyn for more information and to confirm your spot.


We are so excited for you to join us
Be sure to set up a discovery call to ensure
You are 100% ready for life transforming now!

If you cannot pay full price due to finances, please connect with us to chat as we are a non-profit and have many charitable and scholarship options available. We request that all participants leave us both a written and video testimonial of your experience of the program (even if you hate it and don’t recommend it to others, be honest and authentic).

Your feedback means so much to us. Thank you for participating to help us refine this program for other participants. We intend to have in-person immersive experiences ready by January 2024. Here is a list of upcoming events to share with your loved ones:
In-person Immersive (Jan 2025)
Self-Study HPM (on Mighty Network)

If you are interested in the HPM trainings, get in contact with us via email or text. We also appreciate referrals for your loved ones who could find value for themselves in this training too (ask us about referral incentives!).

Below is a link to our Self-Study High Performance Mastermind if you’re interested in a self-paced virtual training instead of a group training. We highly encourage you to do both as each training is a stand-alone yet complements each other very well to refine the last phase of embodiment.

We thank you so much for contributing to the Entheogenic Church Community. Be Bliss Liberation is on the horizon and we are extremely grateful and full in our hearts to be a part of the collective shifting of the survival context into a lifestyle of peaceful, joyful, and thriving beings of humanity.

Dillyn Hoffman

I started doing this training because my life was going in a downward spiral. At the time, I was already advanced in my shamanic – yogic studies including entheogenic understandings. These trainings are what provided efficiency in how we integrate entheogenic exploration. These combination of modalities have been so powerful, I feel the world must know they exist.

Heather Hoffman

When I started doing this training my life was complete hell. I was suicidal, depressed, and I had just been recently single. So I didn’t care about living and had nothing to lose. And during the training, I realized I have everything to lose! I realized how precious life is and now I am happy, healthy, married to the man of my dreams, and I am thriving in my own business and no longer working for others.

What's Next?


If you are ready to take yourself on to a whole new level of being-ness and are committed to removing all the doing-ness in your life that’s creating depleting, draining, or depressing energies, then reach out and have a Discovery/Registration call with us. We would love to answer any questions.

In the link above you will find logistics on High Performance Mastermind like the dates, times, how many hours a week of a commitment, price of the training, etc. We share the structure of the program and will have a registration call going over the Declaration of Intentions (DOI)–which is your guiding force for the 3-month journey. And lastly, you will find out how to access the Entheogenic Church community on the Mighty Network platform.

Are you curious about our other offerings? We offer various types of ‘Ceremonies’ that are a wonderful way to deepen what you will learn in the Mastermind. Check out the trailer below:

For the full 15-minute video, email us your name and why you want to do a Ceremony or the Mastermind at lomys@shamanicananda.com and we will send you the short film. Or you may text us directly your name, how you heard about us, and your interest in either Ceremony or HPM for faster responses.

Team Shamanic Ananda