High Performance Mastermind

Welcome to Shamanic Ananda’s High Performance mastermind program. We are ecstatic to be your guide for the next 3 months to creating long-lasting results. You will have the opportunity to receive a specific training in order to find balance and harmony in all domains of your life.

What to Expect

High Performance Mastermind 3.0 (HPM3)
Connect with us to reserve your spot for this transformational journey. 

HPM3 starts in May

In this mastermind you will learn a few simple awareness strategies to enhance your ways of being and quality of life.

These practices taught here are some of the quickest ways to shift mindset, gain clarity, and discover what kind of breakdown is necessary for you to breakthrough to the next level.

A few  great tools that will be taught throughout this program:

●       Time management

●       Accountability

●       Integrity

●       Communication Techniques

●       Codependency

●       Survival mechanisms

●       Navigating Triggers

●       Community Support

Why Me?

Are you wondering how you keep attracting certain people in your life? Are you tired of having the same boss with a different name? Or making excuses for why you do not have the life of your dreams? Whatever the circumstances, these awareness strategies will reveal how to pivot in a direction that supports you and all your relations.

1.      Private Coaching Call

You will have 1 mandatory private coaching call a week. Preferably every Tuesday, and this may change based on the individual's schedule as well as your coach.

2.      Group Coaching Call

You will have 1 mandatory virtual group coaching call a week. This is what we consider or call the "training room". These calls will take place on Thursday at 7pm est and can run to 10pm est at the latest. This is dependent on the group’s energy and how the flow of the call goes. Otherwise expect at least a 2 hour group call. The group calls are where we deliver the training material so you understand how to utilize these tools and contexts to create extraordinary results.

3.      Buddy Calls

You will have a new buddy every 2 weeks to hold each other accountable. You will set up your times per your schedules. Each call is to be a minimum of 15 mins. And you will have 2 (15 min) calls each week. This is also mandatory and very supportive.

Buddy calls go as follows:

Results, Team, and Enrollment

What’s working, what’s not working, what can be added? This is the time to practice the tools with each other, practice coaching one another, and hold each other high so all your results can manifest.

4.      Entheogenic Church Inc on Mighty Network

We just moved from WhatsApp and FB groups to Mighty Network. This is a virtual community where we can stay connected and also add elements that the other platforms are limited to.

Thank you for being part of the community. Because you are joining the mastermind, you will have free access to the network and be able to take advantage of the perks. After the training, we encourage our members to donate to the platform monthly or annually so they can continue getting the benefits and we can continue providing value.

Mighty Network will allow you to keep up to date with your cohort, and also see other resources and connect with a larger network outside of your cohort, and the High Performance Mastermind context.

When you join the network, be sure to join the High Performance Mastermind 3.0 channel. This is where we will have our cohort check in with one another, share valuable content, and stay up to date on important information.


Inside Scoop

As you can see from the private call, group call, and buddy calls, this adds up to about 4-6 hours of commitment a week. The other thing that will take time that’s not included here is writing down your weekly promises, and completing your Declaration of Intentions (DOI).

The DOI and weekly promises will be your guiding force throughout the program and may take an additional hour or two to complete. Some take longer, some are quicker. It’s subjective on your level of clarity which will also unfold throughout this program. Contact Heather or Dillyn for more information. 


The exchange for this group is $222-$333 a week. If you cannot pay anything due to finances, please talk with us as we are a nonprofit and have many charitable options as well. And in exchange, we ask you leave us a written and video testimonial of your experience of the program (even if you hate it and don’t recommend it to others, be honest and authentic).

This program is usually listed as $4,000. We use a sliding scale to support and be inclusive to circumstances that arise as we are committed to sharing these tools of awareness. And if you pay the $222 a week the total is $2,664. If you pay the $333 a week the total is $4000. Thank you for participating to help us refine this program for other participants. And for contributing to Entheogenic Church Community.