Is Guided Meditation Right for Me?


If you are researching online meditation videos, tutorials, and organizations, then one of the big things you will likely notice, especially when it comes to videos, are the terms “guided meditation” and “self-guided meditation.” Now, there is no wrong way to meditate. Any strategy that helps you focus your energy and improve your mental well-being is a good strategy. That said, some types of online mediation work better for most. Guided meditation is one of those things.

Guided meditation, as the name suggests, is a style of meditation in which the listener, you, are guided through the stages. This type of meditation can best be described as a type of experience, with some guided meditations done with a specific purpose, such as guided sleep meditation. So, for example, if you are listening to a guided sleep meditation podcast, it will typically begin with asking you to close your eyes. Then, the guide will soothingly walk you through different steps to calm your breath, your voice, and your thoughts. Such a guided meditation will also typically walk you, the listener, through an environment, such as a forest that ends with you within a cabin. The idea here is to put the listener into a state of mind where their thoughts are calm, they are comfortable, and sleep is nigh.

Naturally, not all guided meditation involves sleep meditation. This is simply a good example of the style. Here at Shamanic Ananda, we are proud to offer a number of online meditation options including guided meditation thanks to its inherent benefits. Those benefits include:

  • Helping beginners overcome physical, mental, or emotional challenges to meditation
  • Helping those with active minds who struggle with focus
  • Helping those who are otherwise “stuck” and need better clarity
  • Helping those who thrive with structure


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