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A community of like minded souls healing and sharing on mighty network

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Service Description

Thank you for your interest in joining Entheogenic Church. This church is located inside your physical being, and here in this community we will show you how to gain access to it by going "inward". The work entheogenic means the quality of divinity within. And this is exactly what this community is up to sharing various modalities and ways of being to bring health in the body, peace in the spirit, and love in the heart. Our religion is the culture of love. We are here to grant direct experiences so you may have access to your unique individual spiritual gifts and talents to offer for yourself and your loved ones around you. Our mission is to be a bridge so littleness transfigures into magnitude, fear into love, and doubt into faith. We have multiple options for this community on how you can participant or contribute. https://entheogenic-church-inc.mn.co/share/sNKqyJ5i05OMBW0J?utm_source=manual Tier 1 - Free Testing the Waters This is an introduction to who we are, what we do, and how you can fit in and participate. We share many resources to up level all domains of health, wealth, and relationships. This is also where all of those who are Tier 2 - $22/month Community Support -- Access to virtual groups -- Stay updated on community chats, events, ceremonies, retreats, workshops, etc. -- Have a safe space to share authentically and connect with your very own FB. Own your content, be on a secured network, and support the liberation on the horizon. Tier 3 - $55/month Eternal Student -- ALL of Community Support PLUS -- Access to selected virtual recordings -- 20% off "Friends and Family" discounts on ceremonies, concentrations, masterminds, and events (some events are case by case), etc. -- Access to our referral program. Pay it forward, share the network! Tier 4 - $99/month Entheogenic Member -- ALL of Eternal Student PLUS -- 50% off "Recruiter" discounts on all ceremonies, concentrations, masterminds, and events (some events are case by case), etc. -- 1 monthly coaching call by appointment -- Be part of the "Lomys Liberators" initiative by creating groups, programs, workshops, events, etc to make profits by sharing value with the community. We suggest a 3% donation towards Entheogenic Church so we can continue to pour back into the community. To join us, click the link here https://entheogenic-church-inc.mn.co/share/sNKqyJ5i05OMBW0J?utm_source=manual Or book a session with us to learn more about how this community can be supportive for you.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, we ask that you contact us more than two days before the session. Thank you so much for your consideration. In the event you do need to reschedule, please text us directly and reschedule another appointment when you are ready.

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+1 (954) 774-0017


Shamanic Ananda, Northwest 38th Drive, Coral Springs, FL, USA