What to Know Before a Kambo Cleanse

If you're looking for a healing ceremony that has been practiced for possibly thousands of years across generations of shamans in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, a Kambo Cleanse may be worth considering. But, what exactly is a Kambo cleanse and how should you prepare for one?

What is a Kambo Cleanse?

The basic principle of this cleanse is to burn small superficial marks into the receiver in order to apply for the Kambo medicine. Kambo itself is considered a mild toxin from the frog "Phyllomedusa bicolor". The secretions from this frog are collected and then rubbed into the burns on the receiver. For women the burns are most often placed on the legs for fertility and men often receive them on the arms or chest for strength and vitality. Either way, the shaman will determine the best place for marking and ensure the receiver is safe throughout the practice.

What to expect.

Before the cleanse begins your practitioner will tell you to drink lots of water before the ceremony. You'll want to start drinking 1 gallon of water a day for a week prior to the ceremony to ensure you are properly hydrated. Along with hydration, you'll want to ask your practitioner about any drug interactions if you're currently taking any pharmaceutical drugs or prescriptions. It may also be a good idea to ask your doctor if you have any heart problems and seek proper medical advice if you have any other serious medical conditions.

Since Kambo is considered a toxin, small amounts administered by an experienced shaman can produce the desired effects for cleansing. The cleansing itself is rather abrupt, but effective and will force the receiver to expel most if not all bodily waste through vomiting, crying, sneezing, sweating, and passing stool. However, experienced shamans will be sure to have supplies and proper care ready for you when the cleanse begins.

Once your practitioner is ready to administer the Kambo you'll sit or lay down and the practitioner will burn your skin in several places. Most often you'll be burned 3-5 times and only the uppermost layers of the skin will be burned away. Next, the Kambo will be smeared several times over each burn in order to get the Kambo into your blood. After several minutes you'll begin to experience the cleansing effects of the Kambo and 30-40 minutes later you'll be back to normal. After the experience, you'll want to remain sitting or laying down and be sure to drink plenty of water and a light snack. Once done you'll experience the benefits of the cleanse not only right away but also for several days to come.

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