Trying to Beat Depression?

Commitment to doing what it takes to transmute and add joy to all the places unworthiness, hopelessness, and helplessness lives is a great start to “beating” depression. In my experience, the most effective way to “beat” depression is to stop resisting it and become allies with it in such a way you learn who you truly are. Depression’s clever lessons for me were about being courageous, to stop pretending to be something / someone I am not, and being my true authentic self.

I know you’re probably shaming and beating yourself up over not being your true and authentic self. You do not have to do that. You get to love yourself and see a new way of communication within your authenticity. You can authentically experience depression yet in truth you cannot be depression. You are something much more than depression which is why you are a human experiencing depression. This is what I mean by being your authentic self / true self. Depression is a calling to your higher calling and is an initiation to get authentic with your inauthenticities.

The most challenging part for me was viewing life as a struggle or a problem, shifting that to a challenge to then see the opportunities to shift my reality / way of being.

This allowed me to get authentic with certain inauthenticities that I wasn’t capable of being aware of at the time. Until I chose to make my life and higher purpose a priority over everything else (like the limiting stories that tell me I’m unworthy to heal/ live / thrive) I constantly confused myself to be depression.

In my circles, we say “the only way out is through, and the only way through is in”.

The roadmap to navigating depression may be confusing and complex which having a guide walking you through every step of the way creates an experience of trust, safety, ease, and grace to unfold. This does NOT take away your challenges, the resistance, or being uncomfortable. I’d say comfort hasn’t been supporting you and when we sit inside depression, we pretend comfort is our best friend.

Comfort is great for rest and relaxation. Like I have a very comfy bed, and when I want to transform, I cannot do this by being in bed all day. Even if my depression says “you’re not good enough to get up”. Do it anyways and get comfortable with your discomfort, you’ll find peace at some point because there is a ground 0, an empty space once you release all the accumulated pain and see the blessings in disguise.

Your self limiting conversations and trauma is directly related and link to your magnitude and higher purpose for existing. Take it from someone like me who made it out and shares this with others. You are not alone no matter what depression tries to tell you. If you would like, say this out loud 3 times taking a deep breath after each statement: “I matter. I am significant. I am worthy. I deserve to exist. I deserve to experience inner peace and the heights of spiritual realization. I deserve for my physical body to be a vehicle for pleasure, support, and grace, NOT a vehicle for punishment, pain, and suffering

I deserve to be celebrated for who I am and to be surrounded on all sides by loving, life-giving relationships ” You may not believe these words right now, and continue to reinforce these into your self talk and watch over time things begin to shift. Doing additional clearings and transformational work may be required to really address bigger movements so you can begin to believe those affirmations or any that you feel is a guiding compassion of Truth. Check out our services if you are looking to take yourself on. Namaste

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