Trust and Surrender

Let’s talk a little bit about trust and surrender...

How is your relationship with the concept of letting go?

What have you learned and held on to in your life?

When we hold on to things that we aren't meant to, we will always create conflict and chaos. Having beliefs rooted in limitations and attachments keep us holding on to things that do not bring us to our bliss and lead us down paths that are not ours. These are special love and hate relationships.

When you are able to surrender, you release control and you begin to access a flow. You become tapped into the infinite possibilities of involuntary miracles. A space of unconditional love and peace has been created. This is a great indicator that your life is headed in the optimal direction for you specifically.

It is also important to understand your commitments to the concept of surrender. We innately understand that all things must come to an end but still cling to things that hold us back with such desperation that it becomes pathological.

In the space of surrender, you will notice a surge of leadership form in your being-ness. You access and become the creator of your reality. You begin to emanate what you envision and dream into the world.

When surrender takes place, you will be in a state of knowing. There you will trust that the illusions of doubt do not exist. This is where fear, reservations, and obstacles cannot exist.

There are three tiers to reaching a state of trust. First, you must have hope that you're on the right path for you. Next, you must establish faith in your beliefs and situations. Then, finally, you can reach trust in knowing that everything is as it should be. So, let's start at the beginning: What do you hope for? What's your ideal life?

Take a moment to recognize your beliefs, relationships, and situations and have faith that they are serving you on your life journey. Be open to seeing all possibilities as they arise and present themselves to you. The perfect opportunities will arrive to direct you on the path that's ideal for you.

How can you surrender into the knowing of trust? Where are your limitations preventing possibilities and opportunities? Or have you already surrendered into the trust that you're exactly where you're supposed to be on your specific path? Do you feel unapologetic joy and fulfillment? Do you constantly see and notice synchronicities? If you answered no, then have you truly surrendered into the trusting of your journey and let go of the ties that bind you?

Comment below! Would love to hear your perception of trust, surrender, and acceptance

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