The Power of Turbulence

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

A Way of

Embodying Compassion

The grounding effects of my presence stems from my ability to be in turbulence without closing my heart. Leaning into turbulence with an open heart allows compassion to flow through me to express this to humanity.

This process is called “darkening of the Light”. When I embody this compassion, it further grounds me into my natural radiant essence. This allows me to meet others in their darkest sufferings at the deepest levels and invoke grace.

The darkening of the Light, gifts me sight into tenderness, truth, and grace which shows me how my heart can never be overwhelmed. It is my mind and emotions that can get overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed, is a cry for death. Death makes me human. Welcoming death propels me into intense fires to sharpen my senses, find the quickest way of transformation, and allows repentance to see higher states to practice humanity.

When I uncover the mysteries of compassion, I am readily able to supply and equalize my needs and the needs of others. This opens a worm hole deeper into one's essence where I can release the mysterious fragrance inside the shadow, just waiting to be let go.

Within this compassion, I experience my most natural essence and permeate a motherly tenderness within my aura. This creates a torrent of truth, where I may mirror my entire essence and meet the God in another with no agenda other than to say “hello”.

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