Sacred Grief

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Grief is funny when you think about it. Society teaches you to ignore and deny grief, to not feel through this in community... contrary to this, we shall allow ourselves to lean into it more.

Grief doesn’t understand what possibilities are. Grief doesn’t know why it does what it does. Grief is a great lesson for deepening one’s magic and it is essential for reaching higher heights. It also has illusionary aspects to it. It’s like playing a game of hide-n-seek. Grief is the one hiding and seeking.

Sitting with Grief, I realize it isn’t even grief that creates a problem. How you respond to grief is the opportunity for growth. It’s really easy to misunderstand the messages because of its elusive nature, coming from the bushes and vanishing into a puff of smoke in an instant. When you take the time to stop playing hide-n-seek, you begin to understand and feel compassion much deeper.

Coming together when dealing with grief allows you to know you’re not alone. Honoring grief is how you honor your crystallization process and it should always be welcomed. Similar to rain, the more grief you experience, the more growth and vitality you experience.

“Grief is the movement of our soul’s ceremony in remembrance of that which is precious to us. It creates the recognition that helps us rediscover our belonging. It allows access to the unfolding of our life’s momentum, carrying us to our undiscovered future, instead of the repetition of trauma patterns.” - Anthony Hidalgo

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