Sacred Fire

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We are fire.

Flowing through desire.

Flickering into formlessness.

Scenting off our smokiness.

We are purification, and cleansing.

Removing all of our density.

Strengthening our ability to sensing.

In order to cultivate serenity.

We are manifestors.

We attract what is in our hearts.

Gifted permission, to the crescendo of Spirit.

Submitting the ego to be taken apart.

We are love,

Cherishing every single leap.

Guided by wise Beings up above.

Our depths being so deep.

We are rooted.

Where we establish connection.

To navigate obstacles being polluted.

Adopting lifestyles of protection.

We are the bridge.

Bringing Heaven to be here on Earth.

Filling our Soul with courage.

To hear the wisdom within the hearth.

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