It's All About Perspective

If my perspective can support anyone to be gentle and compassionate, that’s a miracle in my book. Our words are so powerful and if you want to master life, pay close attention to the words you say. Reality and power are built through words.

For example, if I were to say “I am a protector and it is my mission to protect and serve”. This will then create a reality of opposing roles to defend and protect against. It holds it into place.

If I say “I want a better life," I am holding in place the possibility of a worse life to exist. My wants stem from my emotions and feelings and sometimes they get in my way of seeing the world that I desire.

When I say “I desire a world that is harmonious", I then become committed to being, doing, and having harmony in my life. I no longer hold a want of a harmonious life and I release disharmony from its place.

If you aren’t the space for disharmony to be experienced or to show up, you won’t see its content. This is the story I make up anyway. I feel like I live in a completely different world looking from a non-attached or nondualistic world. I’m not saying duality doesn’t exist, what I’m saying is getting caught up solely on duality isn’t the full scope of reality. This for me, is where assessments, judgments, and interpretations come from.

When I build my life from these spaces, I create disharmony, chaos, confusion, and disconnection. Whether it is good or bad... seeing it neutral has been the biggest opportunity and most rewarding. Now I have a preference and not attached to operating out of survival mechanisms that rob myself of intimacy and connection. The words you speak, choose them carefully and with intention. I feel this is one of the best practices to be in mastery of the game of life.

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