Bittersweet Symphony

Going through initiations are soul shattering.

It doesn’t matter how many you’ve done…

They still fucking suck.

As I get older, and rapidly go through more and more activations,

I remind myself of patience, of trust,

of surrender, and of joy.

Going through the heavy and dense thickness of ancestral wounds, childhood upbringing, and societal conditionings

Is there any confusion why peace is being searched for?

All of my initiations have been sacred rememberings of who I am

Where I live from ego

How I cling to pleasure or pain

And where I fear death

Hence why they are soul shattering experiences

Once the ego melts, and dismembers, we leave the mind and now get to the heart of the matter

This is where the elixir to your soul shines from the Spirit of All

That place of wholeness and oneness

And as you beg for the endings of death, you are only reborn into a new beginning,

A new perspective, a new way of being

And you learn a piece to the puzzle of who you are

And you learn to let go of who you pretend to be; to become who you are

As you journey inwards

Within infinite possibilities, you muster the strength for grace and mercy

You see the Will of self align with the Will of Self

And the peace, the joy, the freedom you find have always been in the center of your heart

Just waiting for the mind to align with the heart

As you re-integrate, fear of death turns into a call for love

A call to be present and mindful to the ebbs and flows

So you may rise from the ashes and can burst into existence all that is

So you may sing your glory and share your story,

To be a seed of awakening, and so it is.

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