Check in With Your Ways of Being

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Where Are You Coming From?

In order to create diplomacy, it takes the special ingredients of honesty plus timing plus gentleness. When you are honest, you respect your truth of reality. When you are in divine timing, no matter your stance it will illuminate a path to harmony. Only when gentleness is included, will you be able to take the honesty and divine timing to fulfill the best outcome for everyone involved.

I notice whenever ego is operating, the activation of survival takes place. When fight, flight, or freeze instincts are present, timing is always off and so is gentleness. When ego is operating, it’s important to ask: Am I coming from separation, guilt, or fear? To create peace, you must release your grip on separation through forgiveness for self, others, and the situation. Then watch the illusions of guilt and fear dissipate.

Create peace within yourself, then you may speak effectively from a diplomatic space of inner beauty to create peace outside yourself. Whenever I see anger and judgment, I hear an unmet need begging for love, understanding, and acceptance. If you bring awareness to your or another’s unmet needs, you’ll notice anger dissipates from new awareness and compassion triumphs over old judgment.

Choose love over war

Unity over division

Harmony over conflict ✌️

Where are you choosing from, and how do you shift from places of fear to love?

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