There are many benefits to holistic, healthy living practices. By improving your diet, exercising regularly, and managing stress levels, people can reduce the risk for disease, feel better emotionally and enjoy improved social well-being. Here are some specific benefits of holistic, healthy living:

Prevents Sickness

A strong immune system will help prevent sickness. An increasing number of scientific claims show that the modern lifestyle has created more sick people than ever before in history. This means that most deaths are due to poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and other avoidable bad habits. By implementing strategies to improve consumption of healthy food and exercise regularly, humans can build a better immune system and reduce the risk for serious disease.

Fight Off Infections

Having a strong immune system will help you fight off infections. The healthier you are, the better your body can resist bacteria and viruses that cause infection. In particular, a healthy lifestyle has been shown to reduce the risk of developing respiratory infections such as the common cold.

Promotes Weight Management

An improved cardiovascular system through healthy eating helps in weight management. The accumulation of toxic substances in junk food damages vital organs like the heart and liver, resulting in obesity or even atherosclerosis if no action is taken. Lack of exercise also contributes to this trend by reducing muscle mass and depleting energy stores glycogen in the liver. A healthy diet and regular exercise help the body better deal with these harmful toxins and improve heart function, preventing obesity and unhealthy blood lipid levels.

Optimal Physical Health

Holistic, healthy living helps people achieve optimal physical health. Good physical health is not only about looking good on the outside. It is also about feeling good on the inside. People who adopt holistic, healthy living practices often find they have more energy, less pain and sickness, and improved mobility. These benefits are often attributed to the fact that a healthy lifestyle supports all bodily systems working together in harmony instead of just treating symptoms of the disease after they have already developed.

Improved Mental Health

Living a balanced lifestyle reduces stress levels, leading to improved mental health. It is often said that people today lead really busy lives between family commitments, full-time work, and other hobbies/interests throughout the week. This constant straining of the mind can increase anxiety and lowered mood if no attention is paid to relaxation. Practicing mindfulness meditation, taking regular vacations, or walking in nature for fresh air reduce stress and promote positive mental health.

Combats Feelings Of Loneliness

A healthy lifestyle combats feelings of isolation and loneliness. When people do not have strong relationships or feel socially isolated, this can lead to loneliness and depression. Participating in group activities like yoga, hiking, or swimming with friends can help combat these negative emotions and improve overall well-being.

If you would like to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it is advisable to consult your doctor for advice on which practice might be best suited to your needs before starting any new exercise or diet plan. Shamanic Ananda tailors clients' experiences to custom-fit their needs. For more details on holistic, healthy living, feel free to email us at

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