Entheogenic Church Giveaways

We are a firm believer in giving back and pouring value into our community. On this page, we will be sharing about our giveaway procedures and the requirements to win one of these giveaways or scholarships. Unfortunately we can only give away so much, and this page will have all the information to when we are giving things away and for which service(s).

What to Expect

We will list all of the stuff to expect in our giveaways / scholarship on how they work, requirements, and how we choose winners. The bullet points i am leaving below in case we have easy things to plug in here.

A few  great tools that will be taught throughout this program:

●       Time management

●       Accountability

●       Integrity

●       Communication Techniques

●       Codependency

●       Survival mechanisms

●       Navigating Triggers

●       Community Support

Who is the Giveaway for?

We can talk about the different types of giveaways / scholarships we offer. Maybe share the details here

1.      Good Fit

Who are we looking to target, who does well in our spaces, our avatar

2.      Not a Good Fit 

Who does not do well in these spaces, people that will not enjoy this work, we are describing the ones who resist the most and deny and distract to the point where they enroll others into their toxicity. These people need support, and don't do well in group settings. 

3.      Requirements

This is where we can talk about the giveaway, perhaps have an updated "current" one we are doing.... and have another space for upcoming ones, and maybe the requirements for the upcoming ones when they are ready. 


4.      Entheogenic Church Inc on Mighty Network

Even in our giveaways, i want to talk about and get people aware of the mighty network, i think this is where we want people to come daily for connection, updates, information, growing, learning, etc. The stuff below can definitely be tweaked and edited.

We just moved from WhatsApp and FB groups to Mighty Network. This is a virtual community where we can stay connected and also add elements that the other platforms are limited to.

Thank you for being part of the community. Because you are joining the mastermind, you will have free access to the network and be able to take advantage of the perks. After the training, we encourage our members to donate to the platform monthly or annually so they can continue getting the benefits and we can continue providing value.

Mighty Network will allow you to keep up to date with your cohort, and also see other resources and connect with a larger network outside of your cohort, and the High Performance Mastermind context.

When you join the network, be sure to join the High Performance Mastermind 2.0 channel. This is where we will have our cohort check in with one another, share valuable content, and stay up to date on important information.


Our Mission

insert entheogenic church inc and shamanic ananda mission here ....


Our Vision

Insert our vision for the world and how we plan to achieve it here....